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Uniforms 2020 – Todays Company Store


uniform (plural uniforms)

  1. distinctive outfit that serves to identify members of a groupquotations ▼
  2. A uniformed police officer (as opposed to a detective). ▼



uniform (comparative more uniformsuperlative most uniform)

  1. Unvarying; all the same.
  2. Consistentconforming to one standard.

For generations the best way to find the clothing you needed for work was to physically visit a brick and mortar store near your home.

After locating a local store, you likely went in to look, touch and try on what you were told you needed to wear to work, according to Company Guidelines.

THEN there was the internet….

NOW there is the Company E-Store!

A Company E-Commerce store is a turn-key website where Employers can offer Virtually workwear , Business Cards, Promotional Items and PPE that are branded with the company logo or tag-line.

While the number of e-commerce stores has been increasing steadily over the last few years, the boost that many virtual stores have experienced in the wake of COVID-19 is undeniable.

So, do physical store still have a place in today’s economy?

Of course!

While there will still be brick and mortar stores you can physically visit, the presence of a store location is becoming less crucial in todays economy and even more crucial in todays health climate.

Honestly, there will probably always be a need for some people to have a physical location to see, touch and try on workwear. What has changed is that being your only buying platform!

With a little effort and interaction, those initial on-site encounters will also support a future Online Store experience once those more basic elements of fit, feel and look are established in the Employees mind.

Once Samples garments are provided for employees to try on, feel and see, the majority of the unknowns should be resolved and repeat ordering becomes simplified.

There is no denying that a virtual presence is essential for businesses to be able to offer their products or services to potential customers on the internet, since 63% of shopping occasions begin online!

Even if these customers end up making final purchase in a local store, the ease and comfort of toggling down on the options beforehand is a powerful tool in the digital world of e-commerce.

What are the advantages of providing a Virtual E-Commerce store for fulfilling your Employee Uniform needs?

The biggest advantages to offering your employees an Online Uniform Store is the ease in which both the Employer and the Employee can access the information necessary to make purchase decisions.  

A key benefit to the Online Uniform Store is the ability to offer a wide range of garments, pre-selected with both the Company and Employees needs in mind.

These needs include the desired benefits of quality imaging, product availability and production time, as well.

Why Choose an Employee E-Commerce Store

Quality Consistency – The biggest, and perhaps most compelling reason to establish an E-Commerce Company Store is the consistency of quality garments and design options available to employees in a safe and convenient manner.

Your Brand Imaging remains visually consistent in both color, cut and form when the variables of multiple vendor sizing standards, variations in color and garment quality are eliminated from your Corporate Workwear concerns.

Pricing– Employees are able to individually take advantage of the savings that come from pre-negotiated Company approved choices, and therefore, bulk pricing.

Having garment options and branding prices pre-set in the Company Store takes the guesswork and worry out of choosing a uniform that best reflects the Company and its standards in the marketplace, at a more comfortable price point.

Brand Image – Offering variety and consistency while protecting the integrity of your brand is also a crucial goal for Employers.

These uniforms/workwear will display vibrant Company images that project professionalism and brand recognition in the marketplace, as well.

Pro-actively choosing the most appropriate and cost efficient products and processes to offer your employees gives flexibility while maintaining visual conformity, which also protects the Brand.

Convenience – Because E-Commerce Stores are web-based, your E-Commerce Store at The Tee Spot is OPEN for business 24/7!

Access that gives you and your co-workers the ability to order from anywhere—even out in the field and on your phone!

By logging into your Company’s private store, Employers and Employees are able to:

This specific and detailed information is at your fingertips with E-Commerce Solutions from The Tee Spot! 

We work with you to create the Employee E-Store and then display the products chosen to best fit the needs of the employees being served.

SWAG & Merch

A bonus benefit to having a Company Store for Uniform needs is the ability to offer Branded Promotional Merchandise, like Tumblers, Hats & Mugs in your Store!

SWAG stands for Stuff We All Get, typically when attending a business expo or trade show. You get SWAG when people at booths hand out free promotionally printed items like pens, cups, calendars etc.

Merch -a Chicago slang meaning to put it on something, ie; your Company name or Logo.

Branded SWAG is also a great internal marketing strategy that helps build employee morale, promote brand exposure and can even be offered as an employee incentive and in reward programs.

Brand Recognition and Recall are crucial elements for Marketing success in todays virtual economy.

The more people that see your Brand imaging, whether its on a Koozie or an Insulated cup, the more familiar Customers become with your Company, which translates to THEM being more inclined to think of YOUR Company first when making purchasing decisions.

Powerful Imaging is Key, E-Commerce makes it SAFE & EASY!

Having a company store also allows you to co-brand with other companies, creating a lasting halo effect.

For instance, you can place your logo on a Nike shirt or an OGIO laptop bag allowing you to take advantage of another brand’s popularity.

You effectively get to cross-market your company brand without paying tens of thousands of dollars to enter a formal agreement with that brand.

Want to build your own online Company E-Commerce Store?

Make your life a little less hectic by allowing the The Tee Spot Staff to handle all the messy details!

Directing your Staff to the Custom Branded Company Store is as simple and easy as it gets!

Your employees place orders with ease while The Tee Spot professionals manage the details of production and delivery.

A key role in shaping the future of Shopping in general, and Uniform-ing in specific, will be to stay current on the numerous innovations and customer centered changes in the digital shopping world. E-Commerce offers consumers an environment where they are not only able to shop safely and comfortably, but also efficiently and confidently!

The impact of Covid-19 on e-commerce is unlikely to be temporary, meaning these changes can be taken as an indication of what’s expected to be a future Shopping reality for Consumers.

Brands will clearly need to invest more resources into understanding and keeping up with the constantly evolving needs and expectations of digitally focused Consumers.

The Tee Spot is committed to offering its E-Commerce platform to Employers, Teams, Groups, and Organizations alike!

We even offer Design and Art Services at The Tee Spot!

A Tee Spot Web Store Offers

– LIVE CHAT so your customers can ask questions

– LIVE MESSAGING so your customers can get information needed

– Counters for Pop-Up Stores so you can initiate a selling frenzy

– Automated Monthly Commission Payments through Paypal

– Ability to accept Credit Cards, Bank Transfer, PO’s, and Employee Credits

– Colors, fonts, and graphics to match your brand

– Drop shipping under white label or custom logo label

Call us today to help you plan and set up your Company Webstore.

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Your Brand-Compliments of The Tee Spot

Since the Safer at Home initiatives took affect, many people have channeled their energies and time into creating beautiful things.

“Anything that engages your creative mind — the ability to make connections between unrelated things and imagine new ways to communicate — is good for you,” says Girija Kaimal.

As a professor at Drexel University and a researcher in art therapy, Kaimal leads art sessions with members of the military suffering from traumatic brain injury and to the caregivers of cancer patients.

As an outlet, making beautiful things is quite satisfying and enriching from both an emotional and a practical standpoint. Taking a blank canvas, whether its a tee shirt or a banner, and embellishing it with color, words and shapes give the designer a sense of accomplishment.

“Creativity in and of itself is important for remaining healthy, remaining connected to yourself and connected to the world,” says Christianne Strang, a professor of neuroscience at the University of Alabama Birmingham and the former president of the American Art Therapy Association.

Quite simply, it’s FUN and healthy to make beautiful things!

At The Tee Spot we partner with budding designers seeking to launch their own line of clothing on a regular basis. Fresh ideas needing a place to launch is our niche at The Tee Spot!

The staff at the Tee Spot will help you create or refine your own brand image, produce your custom designs on the items of your choice and even assist you with marketing those products in your very own e-commerce store!

Putting organically created images into production and distribution are key elements to the growth of an product line and essential to establish or build a brand following.

Wearing a custom designed tee-shirt or hat while working or playing within the community, is an easy way to create a lasting visual impression, as well as generate brand recognition for cultivating future opportunities.

We provide Professional Design Services with our in-house graphic artists who are more than happy to assist our customers with taking their ideas and designs to the next level and Production Techs to complete the process from idea to outcome!

Shirts, outerwear and hats are classic examples of a blank canvas, where the artist is free to display their unique images for the world to see. But the canvas doesn’t stop with clothing; we offer a wide variety of blank products including blankets, aprons, tumblers, mugs, magnets, banners, yard signs and bags for your artistic expressions as well.

The Tee Spot also provides a variety of Production options for bringing your fresh ideas to life on a wide variety of garments, promotional products and accessories.

Screen print – 6 Garment Minimum

Embroidery – 6 Garment Minimum

Direct to Garment (DTG) – No Minimum

Sublimation – 6 Product Minimum

Vinyl/Heat Transfer – 6 Product Minimum

At The Tee Spot you have a wide variety of garments, products and accessories to use as your canvas, what you choose to embellish your canvas is 100% up to you.

Make your own designer label, design a one of a kind patch or put your images on a yard sign and show them off street side. In fact, you can fly your very own designer flag if that’s what makes you happy! (and its okay with your HOA).

The point is The Tee Spot is your one-stop shop for design services and customization. And The Tee Spot offers multiple e-commerce platforms to make promoting your finished products a smooth and pain free process!

Need a Quote? Want to Chat?

  • In-person @ 264 North Peters Road Knoxville, Tn 37923
  • Over the phone 865-539-8220
  • In our LIVE Online Chat Room

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Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign!

Flags and banners have been used to communicate for thousands of years and serve a variety of purposes. The most common use for a banner or flag has always been a symbol of belonging, common purpose and camaraderie.

Historically, flags and banners were displayed to communicate an association with an entity, most commonly a country, community or organization.

In ancient history, banners were used to symbolize Kings and royalty. Banners and flags were carried so that citizens could identify their ruler and his entourage and show them the respect that was deemed appropriate during those times.

However, as time progressed, flags, banners and signs began to be used by more than just royalty and rulers. The use of flags evolved into symbols of family lineage and national pride.

In addition to identification and association, individual flags are utilized to promote pride and respect for the ideals that the particular group may represent within their community or culture.

For example, the United States flag is a known as a symbol of liberty, strength and unity and is considered a source of pride and inspiration for American citizens.

During the American Civil War, regiments were recruited from individual states. Each regiment generally carried its state flag into battle to represent their homeland.

Soldiers took pride in these flags and treated them with reverence. Flags and banners were national symbols intended to reinforce morale, and, most importantly, to distinguish their regiment from others and the enemy during battles.

Flags and banners represent the sacrifice the citizens have made for their state or country. The qualities and beliefs that a state or country and its people have historically promoted are common themes.

That fact is still true today.

Eventually flags became visual vehicles for the promotion of commerce within communities. Flags and signs are now broadly accepted as an effective way to promote both membership and trade.

Flags have also become symbols for the corporate branding of professional organizations, sports teams and their sponsors in competition.

Everyone from political groups to trade giants have their logos and corporate image printed for their current and future customers to be able to recognize and identify their locations, products and events when shared thru multiple media vehicles.

Billboards and fly over banners reach large groups with big visuals in high traffic areas while yard signs and on-site flags can reach into the physical neighborhoods and communities.

What works best and where is the best placement are decisions the person who orders the flags and banners

School sponsor banners at high schools show both appreciation for and encouragement for those who view it to patronize those sponsors.

Yard signs reflect the residents opinion and accomplishments in such diverse arenas as politics, culture and education!

Drive thru celebrations, drive by graduations and socially distant communications have been taken to the next level with signs, banners, flags and garments printed at The Tee Spot

Big, bold images with loud, proud messages at point of purchase and on-site displays are the modern day facilitator for sharing sentiments, support and promotion of brand imaging.

The Tee Spot has everything you need to bring together your words and designs to create visual products that impact your local environment and broadcast your commitment, pride and loyalties to the audience of your choosing!

At The Tee Spot we operate safely and professionally to provide efficient and effective promotional products that promote your community, team or brand!

At The Tee Spot we are committed to providing Quality Products, Professional Production and Brand Design assistance.

Our Client Services are available On-Site, In-Person, Online with Live Chat options and E-Commerce Solutions!

Still have questions?

Email Us at

Visit Us at

Call Us at 865-539-8220

Visit us at 264 N. Peters Road, Knoxville TN 37923

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Branding Your Workwear!

We hear it every day…

I need to get shirts and/or hats with our logo on them for my business.


Next step……

Lets chat about your Need!

Who will be wearing these shirts/hats?

What will the persons wearing these shirts/hats be doing in them?

How many shirts/hats do you need?

Next Step…

Do you have a logo that you want to use?

No? Okay We can HELP!

Yes! Okay lets take a look at that.

Next Step…..

Is your logo text only or is there a design/image?

What colors are in that logo?

Do you prefer Collared shirts or Tee-shirts?

Do you have any colors in mind for the shirts/hats?

No? Okay!

We can HELP you decide!

And Finally….

How SOON do you need these shirts/hats?

What is your Budget?

Although it might LOOK like a LOT, the above process usually takes 5-15 minutes and then we know what we are working WITH!!

NOW, It’s our turn to HELP!

This manufacturer offers these items that fit your need….

These garments fit your need in these areas …

We suggest this fabric because of …

We recommend this style and/or color based on…

Your image will be best reproduced on this garment using …

That process is best for this image and fabric due to…

We can have them for you no later than…

The Tee Spot Staff offers Every Customer these Services…

Customer Service Representatives – that LISTEN to your ideas.

Buyers – who KNOW the vendor products and fabrics.

Designers – who DESIGN and develop your ideas.


Production staff – who put ALL the pieces together!

The Staff at The Tee Spot is Here to help YOU Choose

Efficiently – the best shirt for the job by material, design and process!

Accurately – What you need, When you Need it, How you Need it!


Budget Friendly – Easy to understand Quotes and No Hidden Fees!

At The Tee Spot We Offer the Options Of.…

Screen Print – Screen Printing is probably what you think of when you think about t-shirt printing because it is the oldest and most traditional form of t-shirt printing.   It is the most cost-effective solution for large custom apparel orders. 

Embroidery – Embroidery is a decoration method using thread to stitch a design into the garment.   It looks very professional on garments and can be used on caps, bags, and jackets where other methods cannot be used due to heat sensitivity, bulkiness, etc.

DTG – Garments enter a  large inkjet type printer where special  garment ink is sprayed directly onto the material.   It can’t be beat for low run high color and photograph designs.  We offer this type of printing in as little as one hour. 

Heat Transfer Vinyl – White Toner Heat Transfer is an  alternative to screen print and DTG for low runs.  It is still vivid in color like screen print but does not require a full screen setup.    

Sublimation – Sublimation is a transfer of ink through a gas process.   It can only be done on a white polyester fabric or substrate coated in a polymer substance.   Used for Ceramic mugs, mouse pads, flags and other polyester and polymer surfaces to create a full color vivid permanent design.

ALL of these options have pros and cons based on possible time and cost constraints as well as limitations to fabric, substrate and the end look desired.

Putting it All Together

Although it might SOUND like a LOT now you HAVE….

Details – What Garment, Process and Price

Direction – What to expect Next and When

Determination – Design and Delivery Confirmation

ALL to accomplish your GOAL!

At The Tee Spot we take your Needs, Ideas and Vision and make them Reality.

Just need a few shirts/hats?

Fine, we CAN do that!

Need a LOT of Shirts/hats?

Fine, we CAN do that too!

Need them FAST?

Fine, we DO THAT all day long!

Our Services are Available To YOU By

Phone 865-539-8220

In-Person @ 264 North Peters Road, Knoxville Tn 37923

Online at

Live Chat!

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Stitching Winning Images

A simple straight needle is the primary tool of this centuries old art of embellishment, while the threads and yarns used to stitch them are as varied as the designs and symbols they create.

Embroidery is an Art and a Craft born of two worlds…

Once upon a time, embroidered garments and accessories were the mark of wealth, status and royalty that historically sprang from the very humble, and downright practical, beginnings of basic garment production.

In many cases, the designs were common folk telling the stories of their daily lives, historic conflicts and community events by stitching those images onto fabric.

While reinforcing seams, as they mended, patched or tailored fabrics for garments; embroidery evolved from a functional craft to an art form used for elaborate decoration and corporate identification on everything from modern bags and banners to workwear.

The culture of embroidery is varied as well, with examples from as far back as the Cro-Magnon period.

Embroidery is believed to have originated in the Far East/China, with remnants of embroidered garments found in the tomb of the famous Egyptian pharaoh, Tutankhamun, from around 3 BC.

Even Athena was an embroiderer, according to ancient Greek mythology, and her passion for embroidering spawned the tale of a Human vs Goddess competition.

An Asian art, with a fancy French name, that has been used in every culture known to man and deity is a rather good pedigree from where we sit!

History lessons aside, the art of embroidering is alive and well in the 21st century on everything from hats and workwear to team towels and duffel/backpacks.

Crafting colorful and eye catching images is an art form that is going strong today, as both a popular hobby and a thriving business pursuit.

Designs that reflect the chosen image of a group, team or a company are the most common use for the commercial art of embroidering today.

Why Embroidery?


Simply put, having workwear bearing a company logo helps customers identify your staff. The visual image of who that employee represents instantly projects a degree of trust in the clients mind.

Visual identification is particularly important for businesses who visit clients outside of an office. Clients can feel more secure knowing who they are allowing onto their property and even into their homes.


Having a company logo on every employee uniform is not only great advertising for your business but it also makes a visual impression with every person they encounter in their daily travels.

A well designed, professional logo will visually draw attention to the business and those multiple exposures will positively impact sales.


An employee in a company branded garment reflects the professionalism and committment of that organization to both its customers and employees.

In a world where first impressions matter, the visual image of an embroidered logo tells customers they are interacting with an organization where teamwork, accountability and customer service matter.

Team Spirit

Speaking of teamwork, uniforms and team gear embroidered with the company logo help build a sense of community and ownership within groups. The shared identity by individuals within the group is a display of unity.

Uniforms create a sense of belonging and comradery that has been shown to facilitate positive morale and increase productivity among the team members and staff wearing them.

Why Embroidery? Part 2

A custom design embroidered onto baggage, workwear or uniforms is a way to establish a look that is customized to your likeness.

You, the customer, have full control over the design from concept to development of an image that becomes uniquely yours.

A custom embroidered design can be consistently applied to each and every item you choose, with both versatility and precision.

Custom embroidered designs, once produced, give garments a high-quality look and feel with increased perception of value.

A custom design produced with high quality materials is durable. The design itself doesn’t wear out and frequently maintains the color and vibrancy long after the garment bearing it does.

So……. as you can see, embroidery has stood the test of time in both the function and fashion arenas and has come out strong in the 21st century.

For a long-lasting, professional image, that sends a positive message every time it’s seen, embroidery is the heavy hitter in branding your family, group, team or crew!

Still have questions?

Give us a call because WE are HERE to HELP!


See us @

Visit us at 264 N. Peters Road Knoxville, TN 37923

Call Us @ 865-539-8220

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What Makes it Your Favorite Tee?

Another frequently asked question at The Tee Spot is “what is the difference is between a regular cotton and ring-spun cotton tee-shirt?”

The long answer is the process for creating the fibers used and the process for making the two fabrics is completely different.

The short answer is, ring-spun cotton is a stronger fiber and feels softer.

The biggest difference is how much you enjoy the feel of the tee-shirt against your skin when you wear it.

In a nutshell, cotton is made from the soft vegetable fibers from the inside of the cotton pod, that are then twisted together to make yarn, which is then woven to make the fabric.

Most of the industry standard tee-shirts are sewn from Carded Open End (COE) cotton because making this standard cotton is less labor intensive.

The bottom line cost for standard COE cotton is cheaper, making it a bigger seller for bulk orders.

Ring-spun yarn, on the other hand, is made by twisting and thinning the cotton strands to make a very fine, strong, soft rope of cotton fibers.

The ring-spun process produces a fabric with a more high-end feel to the touch that is also stronger.

Another big plus for tee-shirt shoppers is the lack of shrinkage in a ring spun tee-shirt.

Since you wont see as much shrinkage in a garment made with ring spun cotton, sizing is less of a guessing game.

Trying to estimate the fit of a garment after it is washed, dried and shrinks is a frustrating game!

Ring-spun cotton t-shirts, as a result of that extra step, will be a bit more expensive but are also more durable than their standard cotton counterparts.

So which is better, ring spun or regular cotton?

It’s hard to say definitively, because like most choices, the answer depends on what YOUR goal is and at The Tee Spot we respect that!

For a softer, more durable t-shirt, go with the ring-spun.

For a cheaper price point, go with the regular cotton weave.

The bottom line becomes preference and the end use of the product; most of our customers express that the price difference isn’t significant enough to make the comfort and accuracy in size of the ring-spun garment a deal breaker.

What about the print process?

Which works best depends on the process being used.

Direct to Garment (DTG) is the process that most closely parallels an ink-jet printer , meaning the ink is sprayed INTO the fabric.

The screen print process lays the color ONTO the fabric, so the fabric isn’t as crucial to the end result.

At The Tee Spot we use DTG on single order shirts which are requests with under 6 items being printed.

Because Direct To Garment inks are water-based and unlike screen-printing, where the image lays on top of the fabric, DTG requires a 100% cotton fabric to grab the ink.

Long story short, the smoother the fabric, the nicer the DTG print.

In our experience, the prints on ring spun cotton generally look better than prints on standard or “carded” cotton t-shirt because the fabric is smoother.

The smoother the surface the cleaner the image…..

Still have questions or concerns?

Give us a call because we are HERE to HELP!

Call Us @ 865-539-8220

Visit us at 264 N. Peters Road Knoxville, TN 37923


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The Tee Spot is Your Procrastination Station!

Hey! Hey!

We hear it EVERYDAY…..

I need a BIG impact GIFT and I need it QUICK!?!

The Tee Spot SAVES the Day with No Minimum, Same Day Tee-shirts!

1-Hour Rush and 1-Day Rush Printed Tee-shirts are Available to YOU.

It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3…….

Pick a shirt, choose a design and tell us how FAST you need it!

Use YOUR images or we can HELP design new ones from your photos, our stock art and, YES, even from your doodles on a cocktail napkin.

The Products at The Tee Spot are IN-STOCK, COLORFUL & ECONOMICAL.

The Printing process is FAST, FUNCTIONAL & COST EFFECTIVE.

The Staff at The Tee Spot is FRIENDLY, FAST & EFFICIENT.

Last Minute but Personal Gifts

  • Highlight YOUR Memories
  • Use YOUR imagination
  • OUR Expert Help is Always Available

The Tee Spot Personalized Gifts are a GREAT way to show you remember & care.

Have a little more time? Great!

Birthdays – Bags & Cups for their Special Day

Anniversaries –YOUR photos on shirts, hats, bags and masks.

Graduation & Ceremonial Swag!

We have even printed quilt pieces from treasured photos!

Any Celebration is an opportunity to showcase your imagination and SHINE!

  • Loved One Memorial Pieces
  • Special Gathering Garments & Masks
  • The possibilities are ENDLESS

Choose and Personalize HOW??

  • Online with LIVE Chat
  • Over the phone with a Human! 865-539-8220
  • The Tee Spot Showroom is Open
  • 64 North Peters Road Knoxville, Tn 37923 (We ARE Practicing Recommended Safety Guidelines)

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Back to School – Tee Spot Style

At The Tee Spot we KNOW school!

Branding school pride and providing tools for academic success was the very foundation for The Tee Spot, which was born from our parent company, Educator Concepts.

Remember These??!!

Blast from the PAST!

The staff at The Tee Spot is here to HELP navigate YOUR choices for personal clothing, branded items, team uniforms and even backpack/duffel bags!

Back To School is a wildly exciting time for parents and students alike; picking schedules, purchasing supplies, team practice and NEW clothes are a familiar process and part of the drill.

That’s why we are onboard and READY to ASSIST!

Design basic garments are our specialty!

We DO realize a LOT has changed about the process and that is exactly why we are HERE to HELP!

Whether you are shopping virtually or in person, there are options for the Rookie to the Pro for choosing, designing, personalizing and purchasing the items you need to BRAND your SWAG!

Our Online Store gives you the ability to safely shop, size, design and personalize everything you need to return to school in style!

The Tee Spot Showroom is OPEN and our staff is ready to HELP you make a visual SPLASH with all your items.

Hats, gym bags, even team towels….The TEE Spot Team is ready to HELP!

Tee Spot Tools

  • Screen Print
  • Embroidery
  • Direct to Garment
  • Heat Transfer
  • Sublimation

Tee Spot Skill Set

  • Customer Service
  • Design Assistance
  • Production Expertise

From Single items to Team branding, your project is never to small or too large for our crew!

Not sure what your students WANTS , NEEDS or LIKES?

Easy peasy….

Give a GIFT CERTIFICATE to The Tee Spot to your student to make their own choices and designs!

  • In-person @ 264 North Peters Road Knoxville, Tn 37923
  • Over the phone 865-539-8220
  • In our LIVE Online Chat Room


We Fit YOU to a Tee!

Be honest……does anyone actually enjoy trying on clothes

Most of us dread going into the small, poorly lit, fitting rooms to wrestle with the clothing, the hangers, the process!


You’ve probably heard fittings referred to as a “necessary evil” because, honestly, trying to navigate the complicated sea of choices can be brutal and exhausting.

Do NOT Give UP!

Whether you’re participating in a wedding, going to prom, playing on a team or buying work uniforms– finding the right fit in a piece of clothing is largely considered a chore.

If you are trying to customize an item, the fitting is the first and most important step to making your idea into reality.

At The Tee Spot we take pride in our ability to help steer you in the right direction to HELP bring YOUR custom idea to LIFE.

Every single, solitary day customers ask us – “how do these fit?” in an effort to avoid the fitting room.

We Get It!

Truthfully, garments DO fit differently based on, not only the manufacturer and brand, but also the cut, style, and fabric.

That is exactly why The Tee Spot Staff is here and happy to HELP!

Basically, there are only two choices for adult tee shirtsMens/Unisex or Ladies.

Sounds simple, right?!?


In real life, there is more to it than that and seasoned shoppers know that.

Most of us also know that size differs by brand and that giant curve ball alone can make choosing a piece of clothing a frustrating effort at best.

Beyond the basics of male, female and unisex, the cut of the tee can also affect sizing and fit.

Sleeves…. which are you considering- short, long, tank, cap, ¾ , 2×1, oversize or raglan sleeves?

A few more variables to consider when determining the right fit for YOU and your message is neckline and fabric.

Neckline…… crew neck, V-neck, Henley, cowl or scoop neck ?

Fabric…..cotton, blends, polyester, jersey, ring-spun or dry zone or dri-fit?

The once simple task of picking a Tee-shirt can quickly become exhausting and overwhelming.

Don’t give up, WE are here to help!

Finding the perfect shirt to display your idea, message, or design in the most visually appealing way can make the idea of making a custom garment seem very intimidating.

Not a week goes by that we dont have a customers say… “I never knew there were so many decisions and choices that go into designing a custom tee-shirt!”

A LOT of amazing, witty, and creative ideas have been abandoned trying to decide what garment to choose.

Don’t give up, WE are here to help!

Need help quoting your idea?

The friendly staff at The Tee Spot has both the garment knowledge and production experience to guide you in finding the best product for your message.

Need help with designing your image?

Chat with us….

  • In-person @ 264 North Peters Road Knoxville, Tn 37923
  • Over the phone 865-539-8220
  • In our LIVE Online Chat Room

Eliminate the doubts and answer the questions rolling around in your head!

Be brave and trust The Tee Spot staff to help YOU wade thru the challenging mix of choices.

We have assisted our customers in bringing a gazillion messages to life on everything from tee-shirts and hats to backpacks and onesies!

After all, at The Tee Spot we make we Custom Tee-shirts all day, every day!

The smiles we see when the finished product comes across the counter are PRICELESS…

Don’t give up, WE are here to help!

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What is YOUR Message Today?

What if you displayed the last text you sent out today across your chest or on your face!!??

What would YOUR message be?

A local radio station extended that question to it’s listeners to ponder recently and the idea stayed with us for the rest of the day.

Would YOUR message be….

Fun, funny, sarcastic, encouraging or enlightening?

What image would best EXPRESS your mood?

Photos, memes, your artistic doodles, a logo or brand?

Why not put YOUR message, idea, art or photo on a Tee shirt or Tee mask?

At The Tee Spot we enjoy helping you send YOUR message out – LOUD and PROUD!

Honestly, who hasn’t gotten a good laugh or smile from a message they saw plastered across a Tee shirt?

Reading Tee shirt messages is a pastime similar to reading the messages in the greeting card aisle or sharing memes- laughing is FUN STUFF

While on vacation, (remember THOSE?), untold hours have been spent looking and laughing at all the fun, funny and sarcastic messages on display in touristy tee-shirt shops across America.

You’ve probably heard the term “walking billboard” too.

Now MASKS are front and center too , so why not make a statement, YOUR statement?!

We can print, embroider and sublimate YOUR message onto our products as well as YOUR items too.

The possibilities are honestly endless!

The Tee Spot staff will happily help you channel all those creative ideas and special moments onto a Tee, mask or hat!

Every life event and celebration, large or small, gives YOU the opportunity to document the moment on a shirt to remind you of those memories for years to come.

We offer

The Tee Spot staff is more than happy to help you, your family or group celebrate new babies, engagements, weddings, graduations and even the lives of loved ones, past and present.

We print business cards, banners, car magnets, signs and cups too!

So…… what is YOUR message today?