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Stitching Winning Images

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A simple straight needle is the primary tool of this centuries old art of embellishment, while the threads and yarns used to stitch them are as varied as the designs and symbols they create.

Embroidery is an Art and a Craft born of two worlds…

Once upon a time, embroidered garments and accessories were the mark of wealth, status and royalty that historically sprang from the very humble, and downright practical, beginnings of basic garment production.

In many cases, the designs were common folk telling the stories of their daily lives, historic conflicts and community events by stitching those images onto fabric.

While reinforcing seams, as they mended, patched or tailored fabrics for garments; embroidery evolved from a functional craft to an art form used for elaborate decoration and corporate identification on everything from modern bags and banners to workwear.

The culture of embroidery is varied as well, with examples from as far back as the Cro-Magnon period.

Embroidery is believed to have originated in the Far East/China, with remnants of embroidered garments found in the tomb of the famous Egyptian pharaoh, Tutankhamun, from around 3 BC.

Even Athena was an embroiderer, according to ancient Greek mythology, and her passion for embroidering spawned the tale of a Human vs Goddess competition.

An Asian art, with a fancy French name, that has been used in every culture known to man and deity is a rather good pedigree from where we sit!

History lessons aside, the art of embroidering is alive and well in the 21st century on everything from hats and workwear to team towels and duffel/backpacks.

Crafting colorful and eye catching images is an art form that is going strong today, as both a popular hobby and a thriving business pursuit.

Designs that reflect the chosen image of a group, team or a company are the most common use for the commercial art of embroidering today.

Why Embroidery?


Simply put, having workwear bearing a company logo helps customers identify your staff. The visual image of who that employee represents instantly projects a degree of trust in the clients mind.

Visual identification is particularly important for businesses who visit clients outside of an office. Clients can feel more secure knowing who they are allowing onto their property and even into their homes.


Having a company logo on every employee uniform is not only great advertising for your business but it also makes a visual impression with every person they encounter in their daily travels.

A well designed, professional logo will visually draw attention to the business and those multiple exposures will positively impact sales.


An employee in a company branded garment reflects the professionalism and committment of that organization to both its customers and employees.

In a world where first impressions matter, the visual image of an embroidered logo tells customers they are interacting with an organization where teamwork, accountability and customer service matter.

Team Spirit

Speaking of teamwork, uniforms and team gear embroidered with the company logo help build a sense of community and ownership within groups. The shared identity by individuals within the group is a display of unity.

Uniforms create a sense of belonging and comradery that has been shown to facilitate positive morale and increase productivity among the team members and staff wearing them.

Why Embroidery? Part 2

A custom design embroidered onto baggage, workwear or uniforms is a way to establish a look that is customized to your likeness.

You, the customer, have full control over the design from concept to development of an image that becomes uniquely yours.

A custom embroidered design can be consistently applied to each and every item you choose, with both versatility and precision.

Custom embroidered designs, once produced, give garments a high-quality look and feel with increased perception of value.

A custom design produced with high quality materials is durable. The design itself doesn’t wear out and frequently maintains the color and vibrancy long after the garment bearing it does.

So……. as you can see, embroidery has stood the test of time in both the function and fashion arenas and has come out strong in the 21st century.

For a long-lasting, professional image, that sends a positive message every time it’s seen, embroidery is the heavy hitter in branding your family, group, team or crew!

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