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Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign!

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Flags and banners have been used to communicate for thousands of years and serve a variety of purposes. The most common use for a banner or flag has always been a symbol of belonging, common purpose and camaraderie.

Historically, flags and banners were displayed to communicate an association with an entity, most commonly a country, community or organization.

In ancient history, banners were used to symbolize Kings and royalty. Banners and flags were carried so that citizens could identify their ruler and his entourage and show them the respect that was deemed appropriate during those times.

However, as time progressed, flags, banners and signs began to be used by more than just royalty and rulers. The use of flags evolved into symbols of family lineage and national pride.

In addition to identification and association, individual flags are utilized to promote pride and respect for the ideals that the particular group may represent within their community or culture.

For example, the United States flag is a known as a symbol of liberty, strength and unity and is considered a source of pride and inspiration for American citizens.

During the American Civil War, regiments were recruited from individual states. Each regiment generally carried its state flag into battle to represent their homeland.

Soldiers took pride in these flags and treated them with reverence. Flags and banners were national symbols intended to reinforce morale, and, most importantly, to distinguish their regiment from others and the enemy during battles.

Flags and banners represent the sacrifice the citizens have made for their state or country. The qualities and beliefs that a state or country and its people have historically promoted are common themes.

That fact is still true today.

Eventually flags became visual vehicles for the promotion of commerce within communities. Flags and signs are now broadly accepted as an effective way to promote both membership and trade.

Flags have also become symbols for the corporate branding of professional organizations, sports teams and their sponsors in competition.

Everyone from political groups to trade giants have their logos and corporate image printed for their current and future customers to be able to recognize and identify their locations, products and events when shared thru multiple media vehicles.

Billboards and fly over banners reach large groups with big visuals in high traffic areas while yard signs and on-site flags can reach into the physical neighborhoods and communities.

What works best and where is the best placement are decisions the person who orders the flags and banners

School sponsor banners at high schools show both appreciation for and encouragement for those who view it to patronize those sponsors.

Yard signs reflect the residents opinion and accomplishments in such diverse arenas as politics, culture and education!

Drive thru celebrations, drive by graduations and socially distant communications have been taken to the next level with signs, banners, flags and garments printed at The Tee Spot

Big, bold images with loud, proud messages at point of purchase and on-site displays are the modern day facilitator for sharing sentiments, support and promotion of brand imaging.

The Tee Spot has everything you need to bring together your words and designs to create visual products that impact your local environment and broadcast your commitment, pride and loyalties to the audience of your choosing!

At The Tee Spot we operate safely and professionally to provide efficient and effective promotional products that promote your community, team or brand!

At The Tee Spot we are committed to providing Quality Products, Professional Production and Brand Design assistance.

Our Client Services are available On-Site, In-Person, Online with Live Chat options and E-Commerce Solutions!

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