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Uniforms 2020 – Todays Company Store

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uniform (plural uniforms)

  1. distinctive outfit that serves to identify members of a groupquotations ▼
  2. A uniformed police officer (as opposed to a detective). ▼



uniform (comparative more uniformsuperlative most uniform)

  1. Unvarying; all the same.
  2. Consistentconforming to one standard.

For generations the best way to find the clothing you needed for work was to physically visit a brick and mortar store near your home.

After locating a local store, you likely went in to look, touch and try on what you were told you needed to wear to work, according to Company Guidelines.

THEN there was the internet….

NOW there is the Company E-Store!

A Company E-Commerce store is a turn-key website where Employers can offer Virtually workwear , Business Cards, Promotional Items and PPE that are branded with the company logo or tag-line.

While the number of e-commerce stores has been increasing steadily over the last few years, the boost that many virtual stores have experienced in the wake of COVID-19 is undeniable.

So, do physical store still have a place in today’s economy?

Of course!

While there will still be brick and mortar stores you can physically visit, the presence of a store location is becoming less crucial in todays economy and even more crucial in todays health climate.

Honestly, there will probably always be a need for some people to have a physical location to see, touch and try on workwear. What has changed is that being your only buying platform!

With a little effort and interaction, those initial on-site encounters will also support a future Online Store experience once those more basic elements of fit, feel and look are established in the Employees mind.

Once Samples garments are provided for employees to try on, feel and see, the majority of the unknowns should be resolved and repeat ordering becomes simplified.

There is no denying that a virtual presence is essential for businesses to be able to offer their products or services to potential customers on the internet, since 63% of shopping occasions begin online!

Even if these customers end up making final purchase in a local store, the ease and comfort of toggling down on the options beforehand is a powerful tool in the digital world of e-commerce.

What are the advantages of providing a Virtual E-Commerce store for fulfilling your Employee Uniform needs?

The biggest advantages to offering your employees an Online Uniform Store is the ease in which both the Employer and the Employee can access the information necessary to make purchase decisions.  

A key benefit to the Online Uniform Store is the ability to offer a wide range of garments, pre-selected with both the Company and Employees needs in mind.

These needs include the desired benefits of quality imaging, product availability and production time, as well.

Why Choose an Employee E-Commerce Store

Quality Consistency – The biggest, and perhaps most compelling reason to establish an E-Commerce Company Store is the consistency of quality garments and design options available to employees in a safe and convenient manner.

Your Brand Imaging remains visually consistent in both color, cut and form when the variables of multiple vendor sizing standards, variations in color and garment quality are eliminated from your Corporate Workwear concerns.

Pricing– Employees are able to individually take advantage of the savings that come from pre-negotiated Company approved choices, and therefore, bulk pricing.

Having garment options and branding prices pre-set in the Company Store takes the guesswork and worry out of choosing a uniform that best reflects the Company and its standards in the marketplace, at a more comfortable price point.

Brand Image – Offering variety and consistency while protecting the integrity of your brand is also a crucial goal for Employers.

These uniforms/workwear will display vibrant Company images that project professionalism and brand recognition in the marketplace, as well.

Pro-actively choosing the most appropriate and cost efficient products and processes to offer your employees gives flexibility while maintaining visual conformity, which also protects the Brand.

Convenience – Because E-Commerce Stores are web-based, your E-Commerce Store at The Tee Spot is OPEN for business 24/7!

Access that gives you and your co-workers the ability to order from anywhere—even out in the field and on your phone!

By logging into your Company’s private store, Employers and Employees are able to:

This specific and detailed information is at your fingertips with E-Commerce Solutions from The Tee Spot! 

We work with you to create the Employee E-Store and then display the products chosen to best fit the needs of the employees being served.

SWAG & Merch

A bonus benefit to having a Company Store for Uniform needs is the ability to offer Branded Promotional Merchandise, like Tumblers, Hats & Mugs in your Store!

SWAG stands for Stuff We All Get, typically when attending a business expo or trade show. You get SWAG when people at booths hand out free promotionally printed items like pens, cups, calendars etc.

Merch -a Chicago slang meaning to put it on something, ie; your Company name or Logo.

Branded SWAG is also a great internal marketing strategy that helps build employee morale, promote brand exposure and can even be offered as an employee incentive and in reward programs.

Brand Recognition and Recall are crucial elements for Marketing success in todays virtual economy.

The more people that see your Brand imaging, whether its on a Koozie or an Insulated cup, the more familiar Customers become with your Company, which translates to THEM being more inclined to think of YOUR Company first when making purchasing decisions.

Powerful Imaging is Key, E-Commerce makes it SAFE & EASY!

Having a company store also allows you to co-brand with other companies, creating a lasting halo effect.

For instance, you can place your logo on a Nike shirt or an OGIO laptop bag allowing you to take advantage of another brand’s popularity.

You effectively get to cross-market your company brand without paying tens of thousands of dollars to enter a formal agreement with that brand.

Want to build your own online Company E-Commerce Store?

Make your life a little less hectic by allowing the The Tee Spot Staff to handle all the messy details!

Directing your Staff to the Custom Branded Company Store is as simple and easy as it gets!

Your employees place orders with ease while The Tee Spot professionals manage the details of production and delivery.

A key role in shaping the future of Shopping in general, and Uniform-ing in specific, will be to stay current on the numerous innovations and customer centered changes in the digital shopping world. E-Commerce offers consumers an environment where they are not only able to shop safely and comfortably, but also efficiently and confidently!

The impact of Covid-19 on e-commerce is unlikely to be temporary, meaning these changes can be taken as an indication of what’s expected to be a future Shopping reality for Consumers.

Brands will clearly need to invest more resources into understanding and keeping up with the constantly evolving needs and expectations of digitally focused Consumers.

The Tee Spot is committed to offering its E-Commerce platform to Employers, Teams, Groups, and Organizations alike!

We even offer Design and Art Services at The Tee Spot!

A Tee Spot Web Store Offers

– LIVE CHAT so your customers can ask questions

– LIVE MESSAGING so your customers can get information needed

– Counters for Pop-Up Stores so you can initiate a selling frenzy

– Automated Monthly Commission Payments through Paypal

– Ability to accept Credit Cards, Bank Transfer, PO’s, and Employee Credits

– Colors, fonts, and graphics to match your brand

– Drop shipping under white label or custom logo label

Call us today to help you plan and set up your Company Webstore.

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