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Uniforms 2020 – Todays Company Store

Noun[edit] uniform (plural uniforms) A distinctive outfit that serves to identify members of a group. quotations ▼ A uniformed police officer (as opposed to a detective). ▼ Translations Adjective[edit] uniform (comparative more uniform, superlative most uniform) Unvarying; all the same. Consistent; conforming to one standard. For generations the best way to find the clothing you needed for work was to physically visit a brick … Continue reading

Your Brand-Compliments of The Tee Spot

Since the Safer at Home initiatives took affect, many people have channeled their energies and time into creating beautiful things. “Anything that engages your creative mind — the ability to make connections between unrelated things and imagine new ways to … Continue reading

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign!

Flags and banners have been used to communicate for thousands of years and serve a variety of purposes. The most common use for a banner or flag has always been a symbol of belonging, common purpose and camaraderie. Historically, flags … Continue reading

Branding Your Workwear!

We hear it every day… I need to get shirts and/or hats with our logo on them for my business. Excellent! Next step…… Lets chat about your Need! Who will be wearing these shirts/hats? What will the persons wearing these … Continue reading

Stitching Winning Images

A simple straight needle is the primary tool of this centuries old art of embellishment, while the threads and yarns used to stitch them are as varied as the designs and symbols they create. Embroidery is an Art and a … Continue reading

What Makes it Your Favorite Tee?

Another frequently asked question at The Tee Spot is “what is the difference is between a regular cotton and ring-spun cotton tee-shirt?” The long answer is the process for creating the fibers used and the process for making the two … Continue reading