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We Fit YOU to a Tee!


Be honest……does anyone actually enjoy trying on clothes

Most of us dread going into the small, poorly lit, fitting rooms to wrestle with the clothing, the hangers, the process!


You’ve probably heard fittings referred to as a “necessary evil” because, honestly, trying to navigate the complicated sea of choices can be brutal and exhausting.

Do NOT Give UP!

Whether you’re participating in a wedding, going to prom, playing on a team or buying work uniforms– finding the right fit in a piece of clothing is largely considered a chore.

If you are trying to customize an item, the fitting is the first and most important step to making your idea into reality.

At The Tee Spot we take pride in our ability to help steer you in the right direction to HELP bring YOUR custom idea to LIFE.

Every single, solitary day customers ask us – “how do these fit?” in an effort to avoid the fitting room.

We Get It!

Truthfully, garments DO fit differently based on, not only the manufacturer and brand, but also the cut, style, and fabric.

That is exactly why The Tee Spot Staff is here and happy to HELP!

Basically, there are only two choices for adult tee shirtsMens/Unisex or Ladies.

Sounds simple, right?!?


In real life, there is more to it than that and seasoned shoppers know that.

Most of us also know that size differs by brand and that giant curve ball alone can make choosing a piece of clothing a frustrating effort at best.

Beyond the basics of male, female and unisex, the cut of the tee can also affect sizing and fit.

Sleeves…. which are you considering- short, long, tank, cap, ¾ , 2×1, oversize or raglan sleeves?

A few more variables to consider when determining the right fit for YOU and your message is neckline and fabric.

Neckline…… crew neck, V-neck, Henley, cowl or scoop neck ?

Fabric…..cotton, blends, polyester, jersey, ring-spun or dry zone or dri-fit?

The once simple task of picking a Tee-shirt can quickly become exhausting and overwhelming.

Don’t give up, WE are here to help!

Finding the perfect shirt to display your idea, message, or design in the most visually appealing way can make the idea of making a custom garment seem very intimidating.

Not a week goes by that we dont have a customers say… “I never knew there were so many decisions and choices that go into designing a custom tee-shirt!”

A LOT of amazing, witty, and creative ideas have been abandoned trying to decide what garment to choose.

Don’t give up, WE are here to help!

Need help quoting your idea?

The friendly staff at The Tee Spot has both the garment knowledge and production experience to guide you in finding the best product for your message.

Need help with designing your image?

Chat with us….

  • In-person @ 264 North Peters Road Knoxville, Tn 37923
  • Over the phone 865-539-8220
  • In our LIVE Online Chat Room

Eliminate the doubts and answer the questions rolling around in your head!

Be brave and trust The Tee Spot staff to help YOU wade thru the challenging mix of choices.

We have assisted our customers in bringing a gazillion messages to life on everything from tee-shirts and hats to backpacks and onesies!

After all, at The Tee Spot we make we Custom Tee-shirts all day, every day!

The smiles we see when the finished product comes across the counter are PRICELESS…

Don’t give up, WE are here to help!

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