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We hear it every day…

I need to get shirts and/or hats with our logo on them for my business.


Next step……

Lets chat about your Need!

Who will be wearing these shirts/hats?

What will the persons wearing these shirts/hats be doing in them?

How many shirts/hats do you need?

Next Step…

Do you have a logo that you want to use?

No? Okay We can HELP!

Yes! Okay lets take a look at that.

Next Step…..

Is your logo text only or is there a design/image?

What colors are in that logo?

Do you prefer Collared shirts or Tee-shirts?

Do you have any colors in mind for the shirts/hats?

No? Okay!

We can HELP you decide!

And Finally….

How SOON do you need these shirts/hats?

What is your Budget?

Although it might LOOK like a LOT, the above process usually takes 5-15 minutes and then we know what we are working WITH!!

NOW, It’s our turn to HELP!

This manufacturer offers these items that fit your need….

These garments fit your need in these areas …

We suggest this fabric because of …

We recommend this style and/or color based on…

Your image will be best reproduced on this garment using …

That process is best for this image and fabric due to…

We can have them for you no later than…

The Tee Spot Staff offers Every Customer these Services…

Customer Service Representatives – that LISTEN to your ideas.

Buyers – who KNOW the vendor products and fabrics.

Designers – who DESIGN and develop your ideas.


Production staff – who put ALL the pieces together!

The Staff at The Tee Spot is Here to help YOU Choose

Efficiently – the best shirt for the job by material, design and process!

Accurately – What you need, When you Need it, How you Need it!


Budget Friendly – Easy to understand Quotes and No Hidden Fees!

At The Tee Spot We Offer the Options Of.…

Screen Print – Screen Printing is probably what you think of when you think about t-shirt printing because it is the oldest and most traditional form of t-shirt printing.   It is the most cost-effective solution for large custom apparel orders. 

Embroidery – Embroidery is a decoration method using thread to stitch a design into the garment.   It looks very professional on garments and can be used on caps, bags, and jackets where other methods cannot be used due to heat sensitivity, bulkiness, etc.

DTG – Garments enter a  large inkjet type printer where special  garment ink is sprayed directly onto the material.   It can’t be beat for low run high color and photograph designs.  We offer this type of printing in as little as one hour. 

Heat Transfer Vinyl – White Toner Heat Transfer is an  alternative to screen print and DTG for low runs.  It is still vivid in color like screen print but does not require a full screen setup.    

Sublimation – Sublimation is a transfer of ink through a gas process.   It can only be done on a white polyester fabric or substrate coated in a polymer substance.   Used for Ceramic mugs, mouse pads, flags and other polyester and polymer surfaces to create a full color vivid permanent design.

ALL of these options have pros and cons based on possible time and cost constraints as well as limitations to fabric, substrate and the end look desired.

Putting it All Together

Although it might SOUND like a LOT now you HAVE….

Details – What Garment, Process and Price

Direction – What to expect Next and When

Determination – Design and Delivery Confirmation

ALL to accomplish your GOAL!

At The Tee Spot we take your Needs, Ideas and Vision and make them Reality.

Just need a few shirts/hats?

Fine, we CAN do that!

Need a LOT of Shirts/hats?

Fine, we CAN do that too!

Need them FAST?

Fine, we DO THAT all day long!

Our Services are Available To YOU By

Phone 865-539-8220

In-Person @ 264 North Peters Road, Knoxville Tn 37923

Online at

Live Chat!

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