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‘Tis the Season for Sports Gear!

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‘Tis the season for sports gear! 

We’re ramping back up after the chaos of last year fulfilling orders for our local school sports again! And honestly? It’s fantastic to see these orders coming in, because it means school sports are returning this year. Just in time for the summer and fall seasons!

Sports have always been the bread and butter of the summer and fall for the local school communities. They help build favorable characteristic traits in our children, team mindset, higher self-esteem, hand-eye coordination, and sharpen other desirable skill sets in our youth so they become their outstanding future adult selves. It’s a great way for our youth to grow and feel good about themselves. Plus it is a great way for them to make friends! Not to mention the fun they have while playing. So who wouldn’t be excited seeing that school sports are making a comeback this year?

Our customers are always so ecstatic seeing the jerseys we print for them, they love the work we do. We take great care of the jerseys we print for the schools, and our designs are always top notch. We screen print the front of the jerseys so the school mascots are the most vibrant and we love making them pop. Plus screen print has a tendency to last longer and is more permanent than a couple of our other processes.

We love to support our local school sports. We know how important school sports are to our youth and teenagers. They love the sports just as much as the communities do. They get to see their peers and get competitive, especially during such crucial times of separation. Knowing that sports are ramping back up, despite the crazy year 2020 was, is a hint at things finally returning to normalcy.

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