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Sometime ago I heard someone explaining that to effectively grow your audience and make money, a newsletter should be “90% fun / 10% sales”, and while a blog may be different, I have no evidence to support that, so I’m going to be myself & talk about what I know… or at least one of those things – i.e. music.

It’s probably not shocking to think that someone with a background in music would be working a job in relation to art, after all they’re all kinda-sorta in the same vein. I personally have played (drums/percussion), sang, written (multiple genres/100+ songs), copyright & published (BMI), produced, promoted, emceeded festivals & events, reviewed albums for a few internet publications, interviewed artists & written articles about it for a physical newspaper & magazine, and merchandised within the spectrum of music. Whew! And while apparel isn’t the heart and soul of a soloist or band’s haul (monetarily), it’s a walking advertisement letting others know you’re out there. It’s a window leading into your musical world.

The music industry has really changed over the years. Basically, a lot of artist have went independent for too many reasons to go into, but a lot is that it’s more profitable & due to how prominent the digital marketplace is anyone and everyone can put their stuff out there regardless of how talented or wealthy they are. Lest we forget, YouTube popularity is what launched Justin Bieber. Social Media skyrocketed Rebecca Black’s song “Friday.” Love it or hate it, the profits earned from it paid for her college education! Neither of them had a major label backing them. Justin had a lot of musical talent, playing multiple instruments. Rebecca has far more talent than she was credited. Her mother paid a songwriter and so forth to create a trendy hit for her daughter to sing. And it was money well spent considering that she came out so far ahead. It’s all about putting yourself out there and having consistent quality.

We can do a lot for you. The Tee Spot can build you, your group/band, or record label an online commission store, and sell promotional apparel on it with a safe and secure checkout. In an effort to make things easier for your customers, our thoughtful and talented staff will be available for live chats to guide them through the ordering process. Our quality service will help you maintain the level of professionalism that any artist going anywhere consistently strives to have.

Wanna know more? Email us today at: and we’ll help you amp up the volume to 11, because it’s one louder than 10. [and yes, I just made a Spinal Tap reference. If you were going to share this post for no other reason than that, you’d be justified.]

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