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From Our Mask to YOURS – by Design!

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If you are pondering the question- our mask or yours? – that part of the debate ends here at The Tee Spot.

The easy answer is…. No worries, we DO BOTH!

The decision making process can be daunting when there are so many choices and options!

Trust us, we know!

Over the last 5 months our staff has researched, ordered (and waited patiently on some orders that have never arrived), tried on, washed/dried, tested, printed on and worn a multitude of the mask options out there and we are excited to share the fruits of that labor with YOU.

Yes! At The Tee Spot we CAN personalize YOUR mask!

Yes! At The Tee Spot we have blank masks IN Stock!

Bandito Bandana

Honestly, while we don’t love masks (who does?) but we DO LOVE making YOUR ideas come to life ON ONE!

Again, so many questions and options…..

Fitted, shaped, pleated, folded?

T-shirt fabric, polyester, 100% cotton, neoprene ?

One notch, 2 notch, tie-back or single loop?

What are the best materials, designs and styles?

What is most breathable, comfortable and durable?

We have a choice that’s right for you, so Learn to Love YOUR Mask by letting us make your choice uniquely YOU!

Need Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for YOUR…

  • Family – Fun Faces or Family Crest
  • Employees – Worker Identification
  • Company – Corporate Branding

Choose and Personalize HOW??

  • Online with LIVE Chat
  • Over the phone with a Human! 865-539-8220
  • The Tee Spot Showroom is Open 264 North Peters Road Knoxville, Tn 37923 (We ARE Practicing Recommended Safety Guidelines)

Use your existing images OR we can HELP design new ones from your photos, our stock art and, YES, even from your doodles on a cocktail napkin!

The Products at The Tee Spot are IN-STOCK, COLORFUL & ECONOMICAL.

The Printing process is FAST, FUNCTIONAL & COST EFFECTIVE.

The Staff at The Tee Spot is FRIENDLY, FAST & EFFICIENT.

So NOW the question becomes, what’s NOT to LIKE?

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