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Image Matters

Ah, professionalism. It’s sometimes the mere difference between looking like you have it together that gets you the job, gig, or clientele you seek. We all want to be accepted and liked for who we are. We all want the freedom to pursue the things we’re passionate about and gifted at. The hope of conveying a favorable Personal/Business image is the sole reason why the acquisition of fake/vanity likes, followers, and comments exist. Does that help you or gain your income to have a fake/padded following? Absolutely not. Fake likes/followers/comments/views 100% does nothing to help you [outside of potentially creating a false narrative that will dupe someone into believing someone or something is more popular than it is]. Regardless, those services wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t money in it, and there wouldn’t be money in it if people didn’t know that image matters.

Let’s be real. Most people want to back a winner & feel like they belong. It’s really nice to feel liked and accepted by those around you. When I wrote band reviews/articles for a small newspaper there was this certain group. They were made up of a three-piece male band (guitar, bass, drums), with a female lead. Like most bands/groups, it’s a revolving door. She lost all three of the guys for whatever reason and had a whole new band backing her. When I met the new people, I asked her, “What’s the difference between them and the band you were with before?” She answered, “They’re more professional.” It was a crafty answer and one intended to sculpt my overall first impression.

I’ve said for years that I feel that good leadership is surrounding yourself with people who are good at the specific things you have them doing, and then letting them do it. As freeing as that sounds, good leadership is also about exercising clear boundaries and uniformity. A team needs to look like a team & behave like a team. The consistency of quality is what keeps customers/clients/fans coming back. When I frequent McDonald’s, Chik-Fil-A, or any other well-established business, there is a comfortability in knowing that I’m going to get the same consistent product each and every time. If I have a good experience over and over again, I’ll be back knowing that I’m going to have the same good experience this time.

Having the same consistent logo on your business cards, banners, polos, t-shirts, hats, vehicles, etc. makes your company look like you know what you’re doing. Good branding is invaluable. It’s just like that singer who got a new band… She wanted me to walk away with my first impression being that they were “professional.” Consistent branding does just that. You can look at any major business, major festival, professional sports team, or accredited University. They have their branding down pat. They use pantone colors. Tennessee Orange is pantone “151c”, their charcoal gray is pantone “Cool Gray 11c”, and so on and so forth. The University of Kentucky and Duke University both have “royal blue” in their colors, but they’re different shades of royal blue. Ergo, they’re different pantones.

In business, consistency is key. Perpetually every established University and College has its own “Standards Guide.” I’ve personally had the distinct pleasure of working with quite a few of them. A standards guide is about one thing: Branding. It tells you specifically what colors, fonts, and images can be used. They do this because they want to look like a team. If you were wanting something to look like the University of Tennessee, you couldn’t just say it’s orange. Orange is a lot of things. Syracuse uses orange. The University of Texas uses orange. Yet, all three are night and day in their differences. Color matching tends to cost extra, as it’s a special mix. At The Tee Spot we can work with any customer regardless of how specific or unspecific they’re needing things to be, with terrific results every time.

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